Arts Education Programs

Contact us about our programs today! For more than 20 years, Attack Theatre has conducted in-school performances, workshops and residencies focused on kinesthetic learning strategies at primary and secondary schools, universities, and community and senior centers. These programs are rooted in reflection, investigation, and imagination. 

Attack Theatre was very engaging and powerful, the kids are still talking about the balance and catching someone who is much larger than they are. My kids are in awe of the performers and the performance.

Teacher, Duquesne Middle and High School, January 2007

Connecting with Students

Attack Theatre's arts education programs reach approximately 12,000 students and teachers annually through in-school performances and arts education residencies. Attack Theatre's in-school residencies work to integrate the arts across content areas in schools throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. Residency participants develop and refine a lens through which to view and practice more modern subjects through the timeless art of dance. Students who participate in Attack Theatre's programs are more likely to better understand the educational concepts that the programs aim to teach; gain creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative abilities; and better retain and comprehend concepts that are taught through a fun, integrative, embodied learning approach.


Connecting with Teachers

Attack Theatre values the powerful relationship between the classroom teacher and the teaching artist. Each year, the company works with teachers of a wide-range of subjects, engaging them in professional development workshops to integrate the arts into the classroom. These workshops further enhance the effectiveness of arts education residencies and the long-lasting impact of classroom teachers armed with a renewed awareness and skills in the arts. It is the company's hope that students begin to see their teachers as active learners and participants in the creative process, and that teachers experience the transformational power of the arts alongside their students. 


This was the most meaningful professional development I have ever experienced in my 22 years of teaching. I am excited to see the fruits of the students involved, and look forward to extending these experiences to many more of my students in the future. 

Teacher, Woodlands Hills School District 

Assembly Programs

Attack Theatre's assembly programs serve as an informative and fun introduction to contemporary dance for students, while demonstrating curricular concepts through movement. Performed by professional company dancers, these dynamic performances offer young audiences a glimpse into the creative process and reinforce STEAM content. All performances are carefully tailored for age appropriateness and conclude with a post-show question and answer session.

Leap Into Action — This dynamic, interactive performance inspires students to literally Leap into Action as dancers demonstrate the principles of weight, balance, and momentum using ladders, giant rings of steel, and a blue monster made of crawling tube tunnels! The dancers' camaraderie on stage and connection with the student audience provides a fun-filled glimpse into the boundless possibilities of contemporary dance. (40 Minutes)

Traveling — A witty contemporary dance performance that tells the story of a traveling salesman, his sample case of curiosities, and the enormous potential of the little things in life. With imaginative use of props, daredevil partnering, and a touch of nostalgia, Traveling transforms small objects into big ideas and physical fun. (45 Minutes)

Science Moves — Attack Theatre invites audiences of all ages on an exciting journey where science concepts and themes are transformed into movement and dance. Presented asa  "Live Action Book Report," Science Moves! combines inventive, athletic, and expressive movement into an engaging and interactive performance. This 45-minute presentation is designed to enhance classroom learning and inspire students and teachers through a theatrical exploration of the principles of physics and the spirit of invention. (45 Minutes)


Working with Attack Theatre has truly changed my outlook on dance as an art form. They have given me an opportunity to see both the process and the dedication that goes into each performance. Dance is much more than pirouettes and pointe shoes.

Student, North Allegheny High School, August 2006



Each year, Attack Theatre teaching artists conduct a residencies in schools throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. These residencies use a reflective and investigative approach to kinesthetic learning that stimulates students' curiosity and enhances curricular concepts and connections. Throughout each residency, teaching artists craft movement-based lessons to support student learning using kinesthetic and intellectual problem-solving activities.

The company cultivates an attitude toward education that integrates the artistic process with community building. As innovators in the integration of movement into the curriculum, Attack Theatre has created successful residency models with educators and organizations throughout the Pittsburgh region. Attack Theatre is currently the dance company in residence in Carnegie Mellon University's School of Music. In partnership with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts - Arts in Education Roster (AIE), Gateway to the Arts, and the Arts Education Collaborative, Attack Theatre reaches thousands of students and teachers from public, private, rural, and urban schools every year. 

Attack Theatre's residencies work to demystify dance and the process of creation. We attack each project with clarity, expression, and energy. Residency participants develop a lens through which to view dance performance, and classes focus on heightening the individuals' natural movement abilities. All Attack Theatre programs focus on activating and empowering participants to view dance, movement, and music as a natural and essential part of living and learning.

Attack Theatre's Commitment to Accessibility

Attack Theatre maintains a commitment to accessibility and inclusive arts experiences by working with each school to tailor programming to accommodate the needs of all students. Attack Theatre recently worked with students with dyslexia at Provident Charter School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to integrate movement into the classroom setting. This program emphasizes experiential-based learning opportunities that combine dance, literacy, music, and visual art experiences.