Temple Sinai presents: I am Jonah

Wed 9/19 4:00pm
Temple Sinai (5505 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217)

An original work commissioned by Temple Sinai in 2017, I am Jonah blends dance, music, and narrative into a fresh and thought-provoking approach to the story of Jonah. This performance is free and open to the community and appropriate for all ages.


Music Direction: Flavio Chamis

Musician: Ben Chamis (Piano), Janice Coppola (Clarinet)

Concept & Choreography: Attack Theatre Co-Founders/Artistic Directors, Michele de la Reza and Peter Kope

Jonah (Dancers): Sonja Gable, Miranda Nichols, Simon Phillips, Dane Toney and Sarah Zielinski

Narrators: Lizzy Katchen, Sil Moritz, Todd Rosenfeld, Sandy Katz

Production Manager: Lindsey Kaine

Special thanks for tech support to Abby Lembersky at City of Asylum, Pittsburgh’s haven for literary writers.