Movement Machines


Interactive Museum Workshops

Engage museum participants through innovative and creative interactions designed to enhance the young visitor experience.

Attack Theatre offers a fun-filled and movement-based exploration of the museum exhibit, Rube Goldberg™: The World of Hilarious Invention! Through the presentation of Movement Machines, Attack Theatre company dancers harness the power of play to cultivate curiosity and creativity.

These 30-minute workshops provide a kinesthetic approach to the cause and effect world behind Rube Goldberg’s uncanny contraptions. Participants are encouraged to get up and move to conduct a wacky symphony, solve silly puzzles, and create exciting movement machines that unlock the inventor in all of us.

Program Specifications and Requirements

  • 30 minute workshops with 30 minute breaks in between

  • 12’ x 12’ area of unobstructed space

  • 10’ clearance for ceilings

  • Access to electrical outlets

  • Each workshop can accommodate upwards of 50 participants

For inquiries and bookings, please contact:

Lindsey Kaine
Production and Artistic Coordinator
Attack Theatre