If | Maybe | Then (2018)


April 12 – 29, 2018

The Waterfront Shopping Destination
630 E. Waterfront Drive
Homestead, PA 15120



Peter Kope and Michele de la Reza


Kaitlin Dann
Sonja Gable
Simon Phillips
Ashley Williams

New Media Creation

Dane Toney

If | Maybe | Then  is a journey through evolving environments of dance, images, and perspectives—both virtual and real. In this multimedia dance performance that leaves room for interpretation, which room will you choose?

Through this dance of shifting narratives you will experience three sections, in which the performers' physicality and relationships are transformed through impressive video designed by company dancer, Dane Toney. Between each section you will choose one of two chambers to enter. Responsive video technology reacts and interacts with the dancers' sweeping movements and choreography; while intimate environments offer a juxtaposition of perspectives:

  • Dream | Maybe | Nightmare

  • Madness | Maybe | Genius

  • Support | Maybe | Enable

  • Creative | Maybe | Destructive

Designed to split the audience, each chamber offers a distinct turning point for a performance experience of dual storytelling and evolving interpretations. Move between collective and intimate experiences to uncover revelations that may change the way you see everything.

For Attack Theatre, the typical we-dance-you-watch dynamic is so passe. — Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2018)

New Media Collaborator 

Dane Toney has been a dancer and performer with Attack Theatre for over 10 years. For If | Maybe | Then, his creative role shifts as the primary collaborator. Alongside his career as an accomplished dancer, Dane has been investigating new media and video production. Working as an artist-in-residence at CMU’s Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, Dane experimented with interactive media and new modes of virtual interactions that enable the performance to evolve throughout the evening. Utilizing video projection mapping and Vive motion tracker technologies, the dancers will have real-time control over aspects of the scenic design for this performance.