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Rebecca Himberger

Executive Director

Rebecca Himberger is a native of the Washington, DC area, but is a lifetime Pittsburgher at heart. It was the University of Pittsburgh (where she received degrees in Psychology, Women’s Studies, and Dance) that brought her here, but it was Attack Theatre that really made her stay and see the beauty and vitality of the city.

Rebecca has been with Attack Theatre since 2006, and became their Executive Director in 2012, during which time she has led the organization through strategic and capitalization planning, and tactical growth by diversifying and increasing revenue, strengthening the administrative staffing structure and developing organizational systems.

Previously, she served as their Marketing Director, and her work has mainly focused on audience engagement and development, ranging from several successful and not-so-successful crowd-sourcing programs, micro-giving campaigns, co-curated works, and overall brand management. Her daily professional interests include serving artists and giving them the tools to do what they do best. Rebecca is a proud Lawrenceville resident (and serves on the board of Lawrenceville United), proficient knitter, hot pepper plant gardener (interested in hot sauce? Ask her for a jar - she’ll gladly oblige!), obsessive dog mother, motorcyclist, and lover/harsh critic of the arts.

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