For more than 20 years, Attack Theatre's touring performances have seamlessly combined modern dance, original live music, multimedia and interdisciplinary art forms to present work in traditional and nontraditional spaces. The company has performed throughout the United States, in Switzerland, Japan, Germany, France, Monaco, Indonesia and Turkey. Touring engagements range from large-scale multi-media concerts to process/performances in museums and galleries. Attack Theatre is known for an ability to engage, energize and creatively inspire diverse communities through master classes, residencies and workshops for children through senior aged populations, advanced and novice dancers, actors and musicians.

Peter Kope, Michele de la Reza and Dave Eggar create moments of intensity by combining beauty, drama and physical strength. 

La Marseillaise du Vaucluse 



For more information or to book Attack Theatre, please email [email protected]. Check out the videos below for a sample of the performances Attack Theatre can bring to your community. 



Traveling is a contemporary dance performance that tells the story of a traveling salesman, his sample case of curiosities, and the enormous potential of the little things in life. With imaginative use of props, daredevil partnering, and a touch of nostalgia, Traveling transforms small objects into big ideas and physical fun.

Featuring original music by the New Victorians, this full-throttle event of dance and music will certainly be right up your alley.















Laws of Attraction

Laws of Attraction is a whirl-wind contemporary dance performance that explores the complexities of human relationships through the physics of the world around us. “The fearless physicality and brilliant imagination of Attack Theatre is one of Pittsburgh’s treasures” (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 2016).In a complicated world of ups and downs, some laws are meant to be broken.

In the companion educational program, Science Moves!, students will investigate the nexus between science and dance. Through in-school workshops and performances, students will engage in acreative, movement-based approach to explore the science concepts that inspired Laws of Attraction.








Some Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required is a unique performance experience that blurs the lines between visual art, music, and dance; and between audience and performer. Some Assembly Required engages the audience with creation, improvisation, and performance inspired by specific works of art.

Fusing choreography and composition with visual art, Some Assembly Required was originally commissioned for the Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh). Inspired by the work of Philip Yenawine, former director of education at the Museum of Modern Art, this process gives the audience the ability to influence and interact with the creative process, and simultaneously allows for a facilitated discussion. 

Some Assembly Required was recently performed at the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University. Please click here to learn more about that performance.