Connecting with Teachers

Attack Theatre's arts education programs are rooted in experiential teaching methods, infusing the creative process, kinesthetic learning, experimentation, and imagination into all aspects of the lessons. Attack Theatre leverages the power of dance and movement to enhance creativity and participation in the 21st  century learning environment.


Professional Development

Attack Theatre workshops provide educators of all disciplines a unique opportunity to explore kinesthetic learning strategies and incorporate them into their teaching practice. These content-rich workshops led by experienced teaching artists demonstrate how educators can bring movement into the classroom and connect it to the curriculum.


Integrating arts into The curriculum

Integrating movement into the curriculum stimulates students’ creativity and promotes the development of social and emotional learning. Movement-based lessons offer an engaging tool for: enhancing problem solving and critical analysis skills, building interdisciplinary connections, developing communication and cooperation skills, exploring abstract thinking, developing self-confidence, promoting healthy living, and exploring creativity.


Behind the mission

Attack Theatre values the powerful relationship between the classroom teacher and the teaching artist. Each year, the company works with teachers of a wide-range of subjects, engaging them in professional development workshops to integrate the arts into the classroom. These workshops further enhance the effectiveness of arts education residencies and the long-lasting impact of classroom teachers armed with a renewed awareness and skills in the arts. It is the company's hope that students begin to see their teachers as active learners and participants in the creative process, and that teachers experience the transformational power of the arts alongside their students.