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Art may not have a destination, but are you ready for the ride?

I’m hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere and way down the road I see this bus driving backwards toward me. On the hood is a big, red propeller. Peter Kope leans out the window and says with a grin, “We’ll take you wherever we need to go, as long as we can’t get there from here.” I jump in.

This is my relationship with Attack Theatre, and working with them is one of the great joys in my life. More than 10 years ago, I first saw Peter and Michele dancing about a relationship, their relationship, all relationships; I saw a testament to the power of dance.

Each Attack Theatre show is a journey to the heart and a nod to our humanity. People come away from performances feeling alive and engaged. Their work turns life on its side and gives us a fresh perspective, which is what society desperately needs at this moment.

Attack Theatre is constantly creating new partnerships, new works, and reaching out directly to students of all ages. You would be hard-pressed to find a more passionate arts group in Pittsburgh, or any other town, who selflessly pursues their ideals with such talent and finesse. Please, join me in supporting this unique and vital component of the Pittsburgh cultural community.

--Ian Green,
Musician, Collaborator, and Friend