Connecting with students

With a uniquely integrated approach to art and learning, Attack Theatre offers both assembly programs and in-school residencies that bring curricular content to life through dance performance and kinesthetic learning.


Assembly programs

Attack Theatre’s assembly programs serve as an informative and fun introduction to contemporary dance for students, while demonstrating curricular content through movement. Performed by professional company dancers, these dynamic performances offer young audiences a glimpse into the creative process and reinforce STEAM content. All performances are carefully tailored for age appropriateness and conclude with a post-show question and answer session.


In-school residencies

Attack Theatre residencies use a reflective and investigative approach to learning that stimulates students’ creativity and enhances curricular concepts and connections. Throughout each residency, movement-based lessons are crafted to support student learning using kinesthetic and creative problem solving activities.


Behind the mission

Attack Theatre's arts education programs reach approximately 12,000 students and teachers annually through in-school assembly programs and arts education residencies. Attack Theatre's in-school residencies work to integrate the arts across content areas in schools throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. Residency participants develop and refine a lens through which to view and practice more modern subjects through the timeless art of dance. Students who participate in Attack Theatre's programs are more likely to better understand the educational concepts that the programs aim to teach; gain creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative abilities; and better retain and comprehend concepts that are taught through a fun, integrative, embodied learning approach.